Want to try a few flavours at once? Mayi Harvests Native Foods has given you the option to choose your favourite spices and create you own bush spice sampler pack with 4 x 30g jars of our favourite flavours to try. 


Spice Jar samples pack. (100% Native Ingedients)

Please note all our sampler packs are 30g Spice Jars. All spices are roasted/ dried and ground. 


[Due to our produce being seasonal and wild harvested we may have limited stock. We will do our best to ensure you get the samples you request however if we are out we will replace with the next best spice. Thank you for your understanding]


So many spices options such as: 

* Lemon Myrtle - has a delicious lemongrass-like flavour and aroma of lemon verbena.

* Anise Myrtle - has a pleasantly fresh, warm and aromatic spice with a subtle sweet liquorice flavour.

* Cinnamon Myrtle - The aroma and flavour is similar to cinnamon, with the slightly unusual bubblegum flavour intertwined.

* Strawberry Gum - A mild strawberry/eucalyptus flavour, with strawberry aroma.

* Coastal Myrtle - The aroma of coastal myrtle is similar to lemongrass and kaffir lime with a slight lemon hint.

* Native Peach ‘Qandong’ - The taste is tart and tangy. Quandong powder can be used in multiple ways such as in smoothies, drinks, muesli and baked goods

* Bush Tomato - has a strong flavour which has been described as earthy caramel and tomato with a pungent aftertast. Great addition in spiced rubs & tomoato relish, enhances tomato dishes and makes a great seasoning to cooked meals.

* Golden Wattle Seed - has a strong nutty, roasted coffee aroma, with touches of sweet spice, raisins, chocolate and a hint of bitterness. It has a savoury wheat-biscuit flavour.

* Pindan Wattle Seed - have slightly more of a savoury flavour compared to the Golden Native Wattle Seeds: which has a sweeter, nutty taste. The Pindan Native Wattle seeds tends to taste like it has a hint of a garlic and peppery aroma.

* Salt Bush Flakes - which is salty and herby in flavour, is an underutilised native food - especially given how versatile it is.can be added fresh to salads, stir-fry and meat marinades, or dried and used as seasonings. Wonderful addition to bread, grills and pasta, as a crust on meat and vegetables. Can be used as a direct substitute for salt.

* Pepperberry - They have a mild, fruity pepper flavour and are fantastic in sweet and savoury dishes.They have a totally unique, spicy and “bitey” flavour that cannot be replicated by any other spice. The pepperberry may be used in the same way as ground black or white pepper. 

* Bush Dukkah - Our Bush Dukkah Spice Mix using Native Australian ingredients is and incredible fusion of nuts, herbs, seeds and spices. Delicious with dips, as a condiment, added to bread recipes, or used as a spice mix in savoury meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.



    All spices are 100% Native ingredients.