Pindan Walnut (Terminalia cunninghamii) 


The Pindan Walnut, also commonly known as Kalumburu Almond or Pindan Quondong, occurs in isolated pockets in the Kimberley region.


The ‘nuts’ are this tree’s most distinctive feature and are often found beneath the tree on the ground. Outside they look like a walnut with the same look and size of a walnut. Inside the ‘nut’ you will find a thick corky wood that surrounds the kernel. Kimberley Aboriginal people are known to break the hard casing away, often with the help of a rock or axe, to access the inner kernel.


Eaten raw, the kernel of the nut tastes like almond, but when roasted it tastes like cashew nuts.!


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  • Pindan Walnut is indigenous to the northwestern Australian coast, it is currently entirely wild-harvested around Broome in western Australia.