Rosella is a type of hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) that has a fleshy seed casing that tastes like a tart combination of raspberries and plums. Fresh Rosella really come to life when used as a dessert or cocktail ingredient. Infuse in water or sugar syrup, discard the flowers, and use the perfumed liquid in sorbets, jellies, or mixed with sparkling wine for summery, floral fizz cordial, jams, sauces and teas and is also a colourful addition to a glass of bubbly!


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  • Rosella is loaded with lot of essential nutrients and when consumed regularly has many health benefits.

    It contains vitamin C and gives food and drinks a tart lemony flavour and you may need to sweeten with honey, natural sugar or stevia.

    Rosella tea can be taken for digestive and kidney problems.