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Wedding Smoking ceremony blessing Broome Weddings Pat Torres Mayi Harvests


with Djugun / Jabirr-Jabirr Elder - Patricia 'Mamanyjun Torres

Wedding Smoking ceremony blessing Broome Weddings Pat Torres Mayi Harvests

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind experience that blends the beauty of love with the depth of culture in a unique wedding celebration with

a cultural immersion twist. 


Nestled in the heart of the Kimberley region of the beautiful Broome town, our celebrations are not just ceremonies; they're living expressions of tradition, heritage, and community.


At the heart of our ceremonies is the traditional Djugun/ Yawuru smoking ceremony and the warm "Welcome to Country," a ritual presided over by none other than Djugun elder Patricia 'Mamanyjun' Torres. 


This is not just a wedding; it's a journey into the timeless traditions of this land.

Our ceremonies are more than the exchange of vows; they're a dance between love and culture. 


The sacred smoking ceremony, a symbol of purity and cleansing, blesses the newlyweds, enveloping them in the ancient wisdom of the land. It's a moment that transcends time, as the sweet smoke wafts around the couple, bringing them the blessings of generations past and hope for a harmonious future.


Pat 'Mamanyjun' Torres, a respected elder, conducts the ceremony, infusing it with wisdom, warmth, and respect. You'll not just be welcomed to this land; you'll become a part of it, embraced by its spirit and history.


As you embark on this journey of love and cultural immersion, you'll create memories that are as unique as your love story. This is not just a celebration; it's a fusion of hearts, a tribute to heritage, and an invitation to dance on the sacred grounds of tradition.


Welcome to a wedding celebration that will not just unite two hearts but also connect them to the rich tapestry of the West Kimberley, as you take your vows in the presence of tradition, love, and the land's enduring spirit.


Smoking Ceremony and Wedding Blessing in Broome, Western Australia.

Cost: $650

Duration: 1 Hour

Includes: All materials required for smoking ceremony.

Travel: Included within Broome area. (additional travel costs outside of Broome)

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