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Mayi Harvests Native Foods is an Indigenous Australian

owned and operated business that harvests Australian Native Foods.

Mayi Harvests was established in 2006 as an Indigenous cooperative, to supply wild-harvested Kakadu Plum 'Gabiny' and other native fruits and seeds.

Mayi' is a word from the Djugun / Yawuru language group of the West Kimberley that means,

'plant foods derived from parts of plants, including seeds, fruits, nuts, breads, cakes.' 

We follow the traditional methods of wild harvesting throughout the six seasons found in the Kimberley of Western Australia. Our methods ensure a sustainable future for our community and our business.

We provide quality Australian native produce freshly frozen and dried native foods and we supply our products all over Australia. Mayi Harvests provides an easy access into the world of Australia's native super foods straight to your front door.


Our family has followed these traditional methods of collecting plants, fruits and seeds off the land for food, health and medicine for generations. Australian Native fruits are delicious and unique, packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Australian Native produce has been branded as a SUPERFOOD and is becoming increasingly common with beauty companies, health food business and many modern restaurants and have found favour with chefs of all levels.

Our team is committed to maintaining and enriching our lands and people through partnerships with dedicated people and informed industry partners that empower and engage Indigenous Australians in meaningful projects that have direct benefit to our family’s future development in spirit of reconciliation within a framework of social and economic justice.


We are committed to ensuring Indigenous Australians participate through employment and training in a brighter future within a sustainable native food industry, we continue to preserve our traditions through the practice of wild harvesting and traditional land management practices informed by Kimberley Indigenous knowledge systems handed down through the generations.

We teach others about our cultural knowledge and love to learn about yours, we practice inclusive collaboration and respect for land and all people.


Immerse yourself in our culture and enjoy all of our wild harvested foods.

Love to you all.



Aunty Pat.

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