Fresh Frozen Quandong Fruit

The Australian Quandong, also known as Native, Desert or Wild Peach.

This fruit has been used by Indigenous people for thousands of years is now becoming a very popular. Quandongs are being added to culinary creations by Australian and overseas Chefs.


Quandong is sensational in desserts, cakes or fruit compote, use in fruit leathers, baking, make a sauce and pour it over ice-cream/nice-cream and other healthy desserts.


They go well with protein when making sauces. Use to make healthy jams and pastes for aperitif platters. Can also be used in basting for roast lamb, pork or poultry.


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  • Note / All our quandong fruit is cut in half, the seed removed, skin and flesh are inspected inside and out to ensure quality then freshly frozen.

    The taste is tart and tangy. Quandongs can add nutritional value to your diet. They are a rich source of phenolic-based anti-oxidants, containing vitamin C, folate, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc and iron.