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Mixed Native Tea - Dried

Mixed Native Tea - Dried


Our native wild harvested teas are sun-dried and handmade for your enjoyment. We have two types tea to chose from;


Nalaja Tea - 100% native lemongrass, wild basil, rosella dried leaves/flowers, white berry bush( Flueggea Virosa), organic green tea.


Bila-bil Tea - 100% native lemongrass, wild mint, moringa leaves/flowers, lemon tea tree, organic black tea.


Gift Box - includes 50g your choice of tea ( Nalaja or Bilabil), tea strainer, 2 x packet natural sweetner, ceramic mug featuring various native fruit designs.





    This product is a 100% Wild Harvested item.

    Note: (Please Read) All FRESH FROZEN ORDERS are airfreight items & will need to be collected from your nearest Qantas Airfreight Depot.


    Postage/Handling costs added at checkout, however further shipping costs may apply to certain items marked with *


    *Note - Country orders incur additional Freight/Handling costs and you will need to contact us to arrange. (Please use our contact page for your enquiries).


    All native foods are stored in airtight, food grade safe packaging. Environmentally friendly packagingand we encourage recycling.

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