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Our local "Welcome to Country & Smoking Ceremony' features the local Djugun, Yawuru or Jabirr-Jabirr language to acknowledge and welcome your arrival and our cleansing smoking ceremony to bring in positive well-being into your life.​


We hold a profound and meaningful "Welcome to Country & Smoking Ceremony" as a heartfelt gesture to mark your arrival and infuse your private or corporate events with a spirit of positivity and well-being.


This ceremonial experience offers a window into the local Djugun, Yawuru and Jabirr-Jabirr languages, acknowledging the significance of your presence and the enduring traditions of our community.​


The heart of this ceremony lies in the sacred smoking ritual, which serves multiple purposes. It not only extends a warm welcome to a specific area but also purifies it, offering reverence to both past and present individuals and the spirits of our elders.


The aromatic herbal smoke, believed to possess cleansing properties, is also a symbolic shield against negative energies.


Our smoking ceremony is a sacred tradition passed down through generations.​Native plants in the Kimberley region, are carefully selected and ignited, producing smoke that reveres our ancestors and pays homage to the land, water, and Country.


The choice of leaves, bark, herbs, and fungi from these plants depends on the purpose of the ceremony, creating a bespoke experience every time.​


Adding an extra layer of significance to the ceremony, our "Welcome to Country" is a ritual led by respected community elder Patricia "Mamanyjun" Torres, a member of the Djugun and Jabirr-Jabirr communities.


This warm and gracious welcome not only introduces you to the land but also symbolises deep respect for the Country upon which you stand, as well as for the Elders, both past and present.​By participating in these authentic ceremonies, you become part of a living tradition that embodies respect, connection, and a warm embrace into our community and the land it holds dear.


We invite you to experience this profound journey and leave with the indelible marks of a cherished cultural exchange.​


Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony​


COST: $600.00

INCLUDES: All smoking ceremony materials.


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