Our local "Welcome to Country & Smoking Ceremony' features the local Djugun  language to acknowlege your arrival and our cleansing smoking ceremony to bring in positive well-being into your private or corporate events.


Smoking Ceremonies

A sacred smoking ceremony has many purposes but often it is used as a welcome to a particular area and /or it may cleanse an area or person and shows a sign of respect for people past and present and also the passing over of elders – to rest the spirit. This herbal smoke is believed to have cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits.


Our smoking ceremony is an ancient custom passed down from generation to generation in which native plants (local to the area) are burnt to produce smoke and acknowledge the ancestors and pay respect to the land, waters and sea of country. The leaves, bark and fungi from trees are the three sources -smoke for the smoking ceremony depending on the purpose of the ceremony.


Welcome to Country

Our welcome to country ceremonies are performed by a respected elder of the community, this will be done by Patricia "Mamanyjun" Torres (Djugun Elder).  


Performing this ceremony means being welcomed in a friendly manner to an area of land. It shows a sign of respect for the land you are standing on, respect to the Elders past and present.