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Jarndu Ngaank Women’s Talk Tours are an Aboriginal women’s-led cultural immersion experience. They will provide you a better understanding of Aboriginal culture from a senior female cultural Elder’s experiences. Tour guide, Pat Torres is an Elder woman, a custodian of stories, a descendant of the areas on which these tours take place, she has an intense and intricate knowledge of this Country.

Pat’s passion is to share the intricate nature and beauty of Aboriginal culture from a woman's perspective, teaching guests about the sacredness of the land and the deep spiritual connection to it. Experience the Reddell Beach Women Only Tour which provides female visitors with the opportunity to come together and learn about local culture, history and Country. Aunty Pat will share the intricate stories, nature and beauty of women’s Aboriginal culture in a two - hour immersive Broome experience.

On the Foreshore Beach Aboriginal Walking Tour Aunty Pat shares the significance of the plants used in the Smoking Ceremony and then shares her stories from an Aboriginal women’s Dreaming perspective and the cultural stories of the site. Sample native foods whilst sipping refreshing bush tea as Aunty Pat teaches you some local words in her traditional language. This unique Aboriginal cultural tour of Broome is particularly special as it is Pat’s Dreaming site – her birth site.

Get hands on with the Quandong Beach Tag-along Tour try building a traditional ground oven, cooking fish the traditional way in paper bark and making damper. While the delicious bush tucker ‘feed’ is cooking, Aunty Pat will share with you the powerful Dreaming stories of the area. After morning tea it’s on to learning the Snake Dance and some words in the local language.

We are delighted to welcome Jarndu Ngaank Aboriginal Tours to the Welcome to Country Family.


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