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New Aboriginal owned native foods company ‘Five Kungkas’ have launched their enterprise by popping in to visit Noma chefs, Beau Clugston and Thomas Frebel at their ‘pop-up’ restaurant in Barangaroo, Sydney today.

According to Five Kungkas Spokesperson and Ngemba Weilwan woman from NSW, Sharon Winsor, the companies vision is to create a shared unity promoting authentic native ingredients through ethical business practices within the industry. “Both chefs were excited to experience the six-seasons sacred cuisine that the Five Kungkas directors from across Australia presented to them and are looking forward to creating gastronomic delights utilising native food ingredients supplied to them,” Sharon said.

The Kungkas Directors are made up of Aboriginal women from across Australia including Pat Torres (WA), Kris Schaffer (TAS), Rayleen Brown (NT), Sharon Winsor (NSW) and Dale Chapman (QLD) and Chef Jesper Højberg Mallard Hansen

Check out this menu! A fusion of flavours created by passionate Aboriginal 'foodies'

Cheviche of Barramundi with finger lime and bush mint (spoon)

Savoury muffins with salt bush and Tasmanian pepper berry

Prawn and cucumber salad with sea blight

Pork belly with Davidson Plum jam

Seared salmon with lemon myrtle hollandaise – Spoon

Lemongrass Chicken Skewers with a yoghurt dipping sauce

Chicory tart with Kakadu plum compote

Braised Lamb shank pithivier braised with kutjera (bush tomato), native thyme, lemon myrtle. Kangaroo sliders with kutjera chutney

Panna Cotta (served in small milk glasses) infused with bush passionfruit


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